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“Cecilia“, a composition for full mixed choir with the world premiere at the Abbey of Our Lady of Koningshoeven, Berkel-Enschot (NL).

“The choir work is a tribute to a closure of the monastery or church as it is a conscious choice. The musical content of it was strongly driven by my inner reflections of the current position (and opposition) of Art in our society. The philosophical content focuses on the changes of norms and values, which effects the religious cultural heritage and its vocal traditions, that are slowly disappearing.”..... enounces composer Alfred Momotenko.

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The world premiere was on 22 November 2014, the feast day of Saint Cecilia. The Choir Capella Brabant presented this work under the guidance of conductor Marc Versteeg and assistance of Klaas Hoek (harmonium). After the first performance the CD was officially awarded to Abbot Friar Bernardus by art-historian Tijn Vaes.

You can view the flyer of the project >> here <<, look at some fragments of the >> score <<, as well listen to an audio-fragment >> here <<, or find your way to the other Projects. Please scroll down to follow some recent activities around Cecilia, to read the fascinating speeches (as yet in Dutch only, English coming a.s.a.p) of Abbot Friar Bernardus and art-historian Tijn Vaes.


Announcement of 'Cecilia' CD presentation by art-historian Tijn Vaes, with the possibility to read his individual speech by clicking >> here <<.

Announcement of Cecilia by art-historian Tijn Vaes


The unforgettable moment of the world-premiere, presented by Capella Brabant led by Marc Versteeg and assisted by Klaas Hoek (harmonium):

Cecilia in a active Abbey