Recently presented: “Cent Silences', a sound sculpture dedicated to victims of the First World War as part of the International Festival Valdart in the North of France. This project is official supported by the EU and the Municipality of Bar-le-Duc Commune of France.

Cent Silences at Festival November Music 2018 (NL), click/tap to enlarge

The scope of this radio play is audible and psychologically focused at one soldier-protagonist
of WWI. The visitors follow his biography through the soldier his own listening perspective, starting
from peace through the horrible war to the eternal rest.

Sounds for the soundscape originate from authentic weapons and machinery from WWI that are recorded during the past century. Ambient sounds are originally recorded in Meuse Region (FR) and the Montmédy Citadel. As part of the musical composition, the original sound material (folk songs of the pre-WWI period, the propaganda music, ritual military music, battle calls and sirens) were integrated into the radio-play. With the assistance of life musicians on clarinet, bugle, percussion and violin it is possible to perform the piece on stage as another extension of this sound-sculpture.

You can download the flyer of the project >>here<<, watch the trailer below or find your way to the other Projects.