Sochi College of Arts, (RF)

Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, (RF)

Brabants Conservatorium, (NL)

Composition Bachelor at Fontys Conservatorium (NL)

Composition Master of Music at Fontys Conservatorium (NL)

Sonology curse Royal Conservatory Hague (NL)



’Danco Konsonanco’ for the virtuoso Ensemble ’Black Pencil’ is nominated for the international
Prix Annelie de Man!
This creation will be audibly revealed during the final day of the Prix at 25 of May, 14:30, Orgelpark Amsterdam.
’Danco Konsonanco’ exposures us some important musical particles encountered in divergent cultures and traditions. This broad material interweaved in a refined whole where the elements sound complimentary together or gently make space for the others, therefore contributing to a very fresh reaper during the final musical conclusion.
"Danco Konsonanco" is a model of multilogue between nations, it's a maquette of life in joy and consonance.

’Na Strastnoy’ - the companion composition to Sergej Rachmaninov's ’All Night Vigil’,
based on the eponymous poem from ’Doktor Zhivago’ by Boris Pasternak.
In Commission of NRT ZaterdagMatinee and Dutch Radio Choir (Nederlands Groot Omroepkoor), conductor Sigvards Kļava (LV), with live-broadcast by NTR Radio 4 and European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland and Latvia from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

'Les vingt dougts' world-premiere in 'Opilum', the broadcast program of Radio 4 from Studio VondelCS Amsterdam.

Cent Silences is a sound sculpture that aims to reflect a fraction of the immense impact of the First World War. Besides of the original music and sound material in this artwork were utilised some original WW1 sound-recordings of weapons and machinery. The result was presented during 3 months at Montmédy Citadel, North France.

Cross-media project 'Cloud-Messenger' for blockflutes, electronics in surround audio, choreography and animation during the Festival The Art of Noises, organized in honor of Futurists (Luigi Russolo 1914, Italy). Opening piece for the new Kessels Music Instruments Museum Tilburg (NL), broadcast by Dutch broadcast Radio 4 program Podium.

Cross-media project 'Cloud-Messenger' for blockflutes, electronics in surround audio, choreography and animation has been presented at the international festival November Music (NL), International festival World Music Days (BE), Dutch broadcast TV program Vrije Geluiden, Festival Transit (BE).

'Dust against the Wind', one of only two selected compositions from the Dutch contemporary music repertoire, has been appointed to the selection of foreign compositions during the International Festival, ISCM 'World New Music Days'.

The 2d award of the international '150-Years-of-Music-Technology Composition Competition' organized by Free Sounds Organisation, Linux Audio Organisation, Muziekinstituut MultiMedia (MiMM), Utrecht School of the Arts and Open Source Organisation for the compositon 'Au clair de la lune', a work for 4-part vocal ensemble and surround electronics.
    Composer in residence at 'Orgelpark' (Amsterdam).
   For the official opening of the new concert hall ‘Orgelpark’ Amsterdam there was written  a composition 'Chimeres I' for 3 church organs.

   The world premiere of  'Chimeres II' (grand piano and surround audio) during the 28th edition of Festival 'Nuovi Spazi Musicali' Rome.

   The world première of 'Der Letzte Traum' is performed by the ensemble 'Insomnio' in the Music Centre Vredenburg (Utrecht) during the annual 'Nederlandse Muziekdagen' Festival. Also this work is nominated by GeNeCo (the Association of the Dutch Composers) for the Henriette Bosmansprijs 2006 price.
The NPS (Dutch radio and TV) Program Foundation made a recording from this concert and it was transmitted by the National Dutch Radio.

   Project and a concert with Daniel Kientzy (France), unanimously the hero of the contemporary saxophone.

    Composition 'VariA' for the concert of the commissioner of Queen Beatrix: Frank Houben,

  The International Composers Symposium 'Music, Technology and Tradition'  in the 'Noord Einde' Queens Palace. (with Steve Reich and the Queen of the Netherlands  her Majesty Beatrix van Oranje Nassau (the Hague).

  One full week composition project with the composer Vinko Globokar.

    The First Price of the 'VSB Composition Price 2002' with Drinklied (a vocal setting for   voice and vibraphone, based on a poem of Gerrit Krol) The first performance at Rode Hoed (Amsterdam).

    An international percussion project with Bob Becker (American percussion-, mallets player/composer, also known from the Ensemble Nexus en Steve Reich, US) and percussion performer Willy Goudswaard.