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"Les ondes de l'escarpolette" by Jelena Bazova   "VariA" by Landini piano trio

Menuetto (n.a. yet) 00:00 2 robots & 2 church organs  
Liquid pArTs 03:00 string quartet details
Audience 01:43 string octet details
VariA 02:32 piano tio details 
Chimeres I 03:14 3 church organs details
Chimeres II 02:55 Grand Piano solo & fixed
media in surround
Eneato 01:10 violin solo details
Les ondes de l`escarpolette 03:14 Grand Piano solo details
Drinklied 02:34 voice & vibraphone details
Chimeres III 02:00 robots chamber orchestra  
Viginti Unus 02:50 ensemble, church organ &
fixed media in surround sound

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